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Event Focused…Results Driven

Lynette StevensAt Drive Marketing, we offer individual attention to our clients in order to drive and increase all aspects of sales and marketing. Our solutions provide an efficient, comprehensive plan in order to develop and implement the perfect sales and marketing strategy for each organization. We will also provide direct support to create new sales opportunities and to elevate existing sales. We will analyze current practices and recommend and implement a customized day forward solution to increase revenue and productivity.

In addition to sales and marketing practices, we specialize in event management and planning. Our focus is to enhance special events and to develop new and innovative practices to meet the goals of our clients. We pride ourselves in developing important relationships to ensure success and growth.

Lynette Stevens
Drive Marketing, Owner/Principal


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Areas of Expertise

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  • Develop and implement customized marketing programs
  • Assist and manage special events as well as create and manage new events
  • Establish relationships and provide introductions to ensure growth for clients
  • Implement public relations and media plans to elevate brand awareness
  • Activate our clients’ current resources and relationships to improve awareness and interest in the event
  • Generate charitable dollars for our community and create new philanthropic initiatives
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